DANNY LARSEN in Sports Illustrated…….

Danny Larsen, Spy’s Norwegian dark star snowboard destroyer, has been busy visiting with media from filming to photo shoots…recently graced the pages of China’s Sports Illustrated Magazine. The article showcased athletes from around the globe from professional basketball and football athletes along with snowboard, skateboard and other ’non-mainstream‘ sports. Larsen, who is renowned for rolling with the punches, had this to say, „Yeah….That was truly a fun photo shoot. ‘Don’t smell with teeth, make angry like blood ghost‘ were my instructions…I think smell with teeth just means smile, at least I hope so. I don’t believe I have smelly teeth.“In his off time, not wearing makeup, he’s been seen in standout parts in the last three Pirate Films productions. You can also check out his snowboard prowess in the October issues of Monster Backside and Fri Flyt magazines. And if you really want to get to know Danny a little better, be sure to check out Method TV. http://stream.method.tv/

Danny currently proudly represents K2, Whiteout, 32, Etnies, Spy Optic, and Session Boardshop.


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