Spectacular Adventures Movie Tour August 6th, 2009
All you surf rats or surf affectionados that are visiting or living on the right coast of the good ol US of A, you need to find you way to the places and the times on this flier to see this very creative and action packed surf flick named Spectacular Adventures. Click here for the trailer.
If your lucky enough to get your butt there and see Spy’s Ben Bourgeois or Zander Morton, slap them a high five and tell them you love Spy. If you’re a hot single female of age, give them a KISS. If you get to them before the bar opens they should know my email address. Have them give it to you and I will pick one winner from each stop and send you a pair of shades. Funny email and pic’s help. The crazier the better, trust me on this one. They will be posted on this site, so all your friend can laugh at or with you. You will be a hero for that day!
You networking junkies, join their facebook and you can win shades there too. If you’re Irish or part leprechaun you just might win a few glasses, good luck!
Looking forward to hearing back from you crazys….. John


Spy at DC The Gold Standard 2009 August 6th, 2009
For the second consecutive year, Spy Optic joined DC at The Gold Standard 2009 for X Games 15 in downtown Los Angeles, CA. A special thanks to DC Shoes, Monster Energy, DiRT 2, New Era and partners for making this year’s hospitality suite an overwhelming success for all to experience a memorable X Games. We look forward to next year!

DC Shoes takes over The Standard in downtown LA for X Games 15.

Hospitality at its finest.
Spy gifting display.

DC and New Era collabs on display.

Josh Henderson from 90210 in the all new Tice Spider.

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