Featured rider Darrell Mathes/Videograss

Videograss’, self-titled, debut release might have caught a few people by surprise. The hand picked crew was made without any sponsor bias or worries about money. Mikey/Darrell/Nima chose a crew of their friends that they enjoyed watching snowboard and threw them all into one video. Everyone in the crew are actually friends and bring their own personal twist to an intensely skate influenced video. The current cliches surrounding snowboard videos are non existent with Videograss. They ditched the idea of cable cams, dolly shots, techno music, and helicopter on helicopter action…and instead stuck with raw snowboarding, real personality, good tunes, plenty of fisheyes, and no slow-mo bullshit. If you are looking for an honest snowboard video that you can actually relate to, then pick up a copy and enjoy.


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