SPY’S Mike Losness Releases New Part on Innersection.tv

SPY Optic athlete and San Clemente’s free surfing fiend Mike Losness sees Taylor Steel’s newest movie project Innersection.tv as an opportunity to unleash some new footage, promote his sponsors and solidify his reputation amongst the surfing world.
Wasting no time, Mike’s freshly filmed part will be up for voting during the first cycle of Innersection, beginning Monday, March 8th. With only 2 months to film and edit his part, Mike delivered the goods regardless of pressure. Labeling his section “Insurfnia,” Mike brings light to a disease many surfers may find themselves labeled with. To clarify, “Insurfnia” is defined as being plagued by thoughts of surfing, especially at night. Filmed in locales ranging from Bali, El Salvador to Barbados and back, Losness’ case of Insurfnia is clearly diagnosed in his premier part.
Straight from the surfer’s mouth, Mike gives his opinion on Innersection. “It’s going to be one of the biggest websites in surfing. As soon as the first cycle is up on March 8th, who knows? There may be 500 surfers who have uploaded videos, and tons and tons of people are going to watch them. I think it’s a great place to show my surfing talent to the masses.“
Losness has made his mark within the SPY family as a highly regarded free surfer and multi-talented artist, to see what else he’s been talking about, check out spyoptic.com.

We are proud to have Mike in the SPY Optic family and encourage you to view and vote for his video just as we have. To view Mike’s section and secure him a spot in the top 10, go to http://innersection.tv/video/46 and vote for him during the first cycle. Voting is a one week only deal beginning March 8,th so sign up now and cast your vote!


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