The entire Holden team was just up in Portland for a photo shoot/ camping/ Party trip. We started with 2 days in the HOLDEN studios and filmed the majority of the upcoming Holden website, which is due to drop late August.
After the 2 days in the studio, I rented an RV and packed 11 people in it and we headed out for a team bonding camping trip/ team ad shoot. The weather called for pouring rain all over the entire Northwest but somehow we managed not one drop of rain the entire trip. We amped out for two nights and had an immense amount of fun. (see some photos attached)
Some highlights include: whiffle ball games at sunset on the beach, skinny dipping at midnight in the 53 degree ocean, endless laughter, Gus sleeping outside and being attacked by Blue jays, Scotty being naked about 5 times, catching salamanders, 3 hour long sweaty dance parties at Mikey’s house, etc, etc, etc. Fun was had by all to say the least… Oh and we also managed to consume; 370 beers, 1 handle of Southern Comfort, 30 Margaritas, 60 Bratwurst, 20 veggie burgers, etc.


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