Cedric Le Cordroch (APO Communication manager) tells SOURCE about the most sought after items for 2011.

1) What’s the big news for 2010/11 in your snowboard line?

This year, one of the finest European riders, “Gérome Mathieu”, has his pro-model. The duck on his board actually comes from from his nickname, “Coin-coin” (yes, that’s the duck sound in French). This year, his board is available in 6 sizes (154 – 156 – 155 m_wide – 158 m_wide – 159 wide – 163 s_wide)

2) What’s happening with camber, rocker, flex and shape in general?

We have added a couple more rocker boards this year: the Seed, the Isis and the Line. We also have 2 boards with no camber: we call that "flat cut" and you can find it on the Talent and the BC. We also have reduced our normal camber to 5 mm.

3) What’s up with cores and construction?

We have developed new carbon strips for our high level freeriding and all mountain boards, the carbon has a V shape, on the tail only for the Apocalypse and tip and tail for the BC.

4) What kind of riding is driving these changes?

By adding more rocker boards, flat cut boards and by reducing the camber on our other boards, we have made our range more forgiving, more playful and easier to turn.

5) What’s the story on your graphics for 2010/11? Who’s behind them?

There are two opposite and cohabiting trends currently in the industry: more colorful graphics, and more simple & discreet graphics. We have always wanted our boards to stand out which explains why we are work with many different graphic designers, in order to have variety in our range, even if we have an APO style that is unmistakable! Artists we have worked with include Nico Thomas, iLK, E Boy, Warren Heise, Jean Linnhoff, Sarah Buscail, Mizzo, A Vasmoulakis, Milk.

6) What makes your boards different from other boards out there?

Next year’s boards at APO still follow our philosophy: to provide our customers with boards that have the perfect blend of pleasure, feel and performance. We want people to have fun with our boards as from their first run with them

7) How will your terms of business with shops be different for 2010/11?

The shops were more careful with their pre-orders due to the global economic crisis and the brands have produced less extra stock than in previous years, so stores could be out of stock quite fast this year. We actually all hope that will be the case!

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