Jon Burgerman: Lossy Botany Lab

NEW LOCATION: heliumcowboy artspace, Bäckerbreitergang 73-75, 20355 Hamburg
Exhibition from July 1st – August 6, 2010
(visit for more)


This July, Jon Burgerman and heliumcowboy artspace will set up the Lossy Data Lab (NY 2009) again. For another time, Jon will explore the boundaries of art and scientific research in a neo-dadaistic manner:

"The Lossy Data Lab has had to relocate and move it’s research into botany after a lot of the data from NYC seemed in conclusive and corrupted. The lab also ran out of money. It felt studying plant life, observing new species and creating its own hybrid forms would be a better use of its merge resources.

Also, through pure chance and accident the lab has discovered some of the plants it’s cultivating have special medicinal properties. We’d like to state that the lab is in no way going to purely focus it’s energies growing and selling such specimens to the down trodden and hedonistic thrill seekers of society." (Jon Burgerman)


heliumcowboy artspace is looking forward to welcome Jon Burgerman back in town. “The Lossy Botany Lab” is the second solo exhibition of the young british artist in Hamburg that brings together a whole series of new works including soft sculp-tures, paintings, drawings as well as a botanical installation on site.

Jon Burgerman (*1979 in Birmingham, UK) has built a strong reputation through his recognisable and colourful artworks of swooping, intertwining lines and hyper-emotional characters. In his mindful doodles and drawings, he tirelessly captures the images he is surrounded by. There is no distinction between figurative and abstract in them. Instead, he allows his lines to dance between those categories, softening the boundaries between the inside and the oustide, and also between high and low art.

Besides his work as an artist, he is also an illustrator and designs products and collectibles that are in high demand. Nothing is safe from his pen.

Not even the audience. The forthcoming exhibition will also be an extension of the “Lossy Data Lab“ presented by the artist at Scope Art Fair New York in 2009. This performance and installation – inspired by dada and fluxus – included the visitors of the fair. A special art laboratory was set up in order to research lossy data through questionnaires, word association games, psychological profiling, and spacial awareness tests. Based on the results of the various tests that involved guinea pigs (the visitors) artworks were created during the fair and following on.

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