US Open of Surfing

It’s that time again for the US Open of Surfing. The US’s biggest surf event. Huntington Beach is sunny and the crowds are here.

Spy surfer’s in the junior pro division are John Florence, Alana Blanchard, Evan Thompson, Tyler Newton and Nick Rupp. In the WQS event are Dean Morrison, Alana Blanchard, Ben Bourgeois, Mike Losness, John Florence, Clay Marzo and Torrey Meister.

The juniors has started the first 2 days and after some hard heats the remaining surfers are John Florence and Evan Thompson into the quarter finals.

The men WQS trials has finished and Mike Losness advanced into the main event.

There are going to be some exciting times during the next week so check back for the updates and some great pics!


Benny B displaying the perfect turn.

This is why the US Open of surfing is the US’s biggest surfing event.


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