Nate is a classic original, a surfer with timeless West Coast style and a knack for lofty front-side punts and blowing minds in the water. The Foundation line is coming out in ‘12, taking the SPY brand back to its roots at the beach through core shops nationwide, and a team of undeniably authentic, talented personalities is championing the cause. Perfect timing. Nate rips, he has incredible depth of character, his style is his unparalleled, and there’s not a better ambassador for The Foundation line as SPY reaffirms our heritage.

Tyler joins the current elite SPY surf roster that includes Wade Goodall, Parker Coffin, Mike Losness and John John Florence. Between road trips and boat odysseys, the Central Coaster will be updating fans on his weblog, www.simonsmoothballs.com, administered from his off-the-grid yurt in Templeton, Calif. To see Nate, stop by Encinitas, CA and check-out his billboard at the intersection of Encinitas Blvd and the PCH.


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